Catalina Express, Long Beach, CA

While Long Beach certainly has its share of sandy beaches and surfable waves, it also offers a lot more to its visitors. Everything from art museums to amusement parks and historical artifacts may be found here. A number of excellent day trips and excursions may be arranged from this location, with the stunning Catalina Island serving as a particular highlight.

Catalina Express has become the industry leader in the provision of marine transportation to Catalina Island, despite having begun with just a single vessel and a single telephone. More than one million people take sail on Catalina Express ships on an annual basis. Catalina Express was founded in 1981 by three locals of Catalina Island who saw a demand for dependable and prompt transportation to and from the island. The realization of the vision was made possible by the persistent efforts of Doug Bombard, his son Greg Bombard, and their longtime collaborator Tom Rutter. 

Since that time, more than 33 million people have traveled to Catalina Island on the Catalina Express. Catalina Express began operations with a vessel that could accommodate sixty passengers during its first full year of business. The company’s founders collaborated closely with boat builders to design vessels with forward-thinking features such as full ride control systems for stability, cutting-edge navigational systems, airline-style cabin seating, panoramic viewing windows, and on-deck seating, all of which were met with instant approval from customers.

Despite ferry services being operational in Catalina Island from the year 1981, the Catalina express has over the decades been a favorite for both the locals and tourists alike. All this is attributed to the impeccable customer service of the Catalina express crew that is quite often people-centered. With unobscured views of the Pacific and its environs, there is absolutely no reason as to why you should not board the Catalina express with every visit to Long Beach, CA area. Better yet, if you are down for some memorable and fun times, what is stopping you from tagging your friends a family a long? You bet they will love every bit of your stay in this bustling sea-side city! Visit today! 


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