Park Estates, Long Beach, California

From booking an appointment with your movers, budgeting and even identifying an ideal neighborhood that suits your needs, these are just some of the difficulties that are pegged to relocating to a new place. Regardless of what life throws at you while at it, having everything in check is imperative as one wrong calculation can ruin your entire relocating arrangements and you don’t want that happening.

Long Beach, a coastal city in southern California, is situated just to the south of Los Angeles and about two hours’ drive to the north of San Diego. Residents of Long Beach adore the laid-back beach aura and easygoing attitude of their city, which is one of the reasons why it is widely regarded as an outstanding location in which to make a home. Long Beach has a high cost of living, which may make it pricey to live there. Despite this, however, many people are drawn to the city because of its excellent beaches, vibrant nightlife, and availability of restaurants.

Because of its convenient location in relation to the rest of the city as well as the attractiveness of its tree-lined streets and the abundance of open land it contains, Park Estates is often considered to be one of the most desirable communities in all of Long Beach. One of the master-planned communities in Long Beach, Park Estates is located close to California State University Long Beach and offers a variety of amenities. In point of fact, when Lloyd S. Whaley, the original developer of Park Estates, hired L. Deming Tilton to design Park Estates as part of his vision for East Long Beach, they placed an emphasis on winding streets and greenery to create the impression that residents were living in a park. This was done in order to give residents the feeling that they were actually living in a park. This original idea, together with the many mansions that have been skillfully designed by notable architects since then, makes Park Estates one of the most gorgeous areas to live in Long Beach.

Homes at Park Estates are available in a wide range of architectural styles. Here, most of the houses are either classic or mid century contemporary. However, buying property in Park Estates is a requirement if you’re looking for a large lot or intend to construct a bespoke home in Long Beach. Move into Park Estates today! What are you waiting for? 

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