Lakewood Village, Long Beach, California

Is it that annoying noisy neighbor, a new job, or the soaring cost of living in your resident state? These are just some of the reasons most people find themselves relocating to new places. However, it never is that easy. Relocating to a new place comes with its fair share of challenges, most of which are attributed to poor planning or no planning at all.

Tucked in between Lakewood Golf Course to the West and Del Valle Park on the east, the Lakewood Village is arguably one of the best neighborhoods in the city of Long Beach and that is with good reason. The majority of motorists who pass through the Lakewood Village area are completely unaware that they have done so. Because Clark Avenue cuts right through the midst of it, it’s easy for this area to be lost in the shuffle when there are so many other neighborhoods to choose from. If, on the other hand, you are looking for an area that is near to good schools, shopping, and restaurants and has largely low-traffic streets and custom houses, then you might want to have a look at the neighborhood.

The access to parks in Lakewood Village is exceptional so much so that the neighborhood is dotted with a couple of those. For instance, between Clark and Bellflower you’ll find Pan American Park, which is located on Centralia. Here, there are illuminated outdoor sports fields and courts, as well as a gymnasium, picnic spots, and a playground, all of which can be found in this city park. Heartwell Park is located immediately to the neighborhood’s south. This well-liked gathering place features a fishing pond, a bike path, a fitness course, picnic spots, and a library, among other amenities. 

Other than all the necessary social amenities that a place has got to offer to both its locals and visitors alike, property affordability is one factor that most if not all look out for. 

Lakewood Village real estate prices average $800,000, although properties priced this low are becoming increasingly difficult to find over the past couple of years. However, homes that cost one million dollars or more are becoming increasingly common in today’s market. The majority of the lots in this neighborhood are quite sizable, measuring approximately 8,000 square feet on average, with some measuring even greater. What are you waiting for? Move in to Lakewood Village today!


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