Earl Burns Miller Japanese, Garden, Long Beach, CA

After a long tiring week, we all need some form of unwinding as it is imperative for primarily our health and simple relaxation. Whatever form of unwinding that we may choose is dependent on our very nature or simply finding something that works for us. From hiking up the snowy mountains, to reading a book all curled up in your couch to a simple walk through a park, there is some form of unwinding for everyone! However, as a species, we often find ourselves interlocked with nature and with good reason as such. we are the guardians of this galaxy! 

Long Beach is a coastal city that is located just to the south of Los Angeles and has a lot more to offer than just palm tree-lined streets and beautiful seaside views. It has the feel of a beach town while also having the vibe of a city, which is what makes it one of the most interesting destinations to visit in Southern California. You can discover both of these things here. Long Beach City is home to a plethora of entertaining activities, many of which can be found with a little bit of research and exploration on your part.

The garden was established in April 1981 and was dedicated in the same month. The 1.3-acre garden was developed thanks to the kindness of Mrs. Loraine Miller Collins in honor of her deceased husband, Earl Burns Miller After a period of three years spent on planning and in conjunction with California State University Long Beach, landscape architect Edward R. Lovell was selected to manage the creation of it. The Garden is a synthesis of Japanese garden aesthetics with the unique characteristics of its Southern California setting.

A simple stroll through this immaculately preserved Japanese garden will most certainly leave you feeling better than you walked in. From the diversity of both plants and animal species to the very serenity that it exudes, it is just heavenly being here! Better yet, if you are looking forward to creating memories that last, why don’t you tag along your friends and family? They will enjoy every bit of it! Having Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden in your bucket list of places to tour while in the city of Long Beach has got to be a must as there is so much to do and learn here. What are you waiting for? Visit today! 

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